The Dueling Fiddlers

To the many faithful fans of The Dueling Fiddlers:

Russell and Adam are excited to announce that their duel has taken a new direction.  The rock violin brand you have come to know and (hopefully) love, first through (Adam's) cover of Sweet Child O' Mine, and then with AC/DC's Back in Black, is heading back to its roots. Adam will carry the torch forward with a rebranding of The Dueling Fiddlers as "Adam DeGraff Rock Violin." Russell, on the other hand, will focus on revamping violin training to bring up the next generation of violinists... rock and otherwise!


Here's how to keep up with us:

Russell's website:

Russell's facebook page:

The Dueling Fiddlers Website is moving to:

And the Dueling Fiddlers Facebook Page will follow the new Rock Violin brand of Adam DeGraff Rock Violin and should be active soon. 


Hope to see you on the other side! 




Adam and Russell!